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HMD Global introduced the Nokia G22, Nokia C32 and Nokia C22

25. 02. 2023 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Reviews / Exact time: BST / Print this page

HMD Global presents Nokia's first easy-to-repair smartphone and announced its intention to manufacture mobile phones, and with it, three new Nokia G22, Nokia C32 and Nokia C22 products that will offer high durability and long life. Partnering with iFixit gives you easy access to guides, tools and spare parts for easy Nokia G22 repairs.

HMD Global is fulfilling its commitment to providing secure devices and has taken the first steps to manufacture Nokia phones in Europe.

HMD Global, maker of Nokia phones, today unveiled three new smartphones – the Nokia G22, Nokia C32 and Nokia C22 – as it announced the first steps towards becoming the first major smartphone maker to begin production in Europe. All the mobile innovations presented offer up to three days of battery life, improved cameras and high durability on a single charge. In addition, the Nokia G22 is the first Nokia smartphone whose main advantage is simplified repairability thanks to the collaboration with iFixit.

Adam Ferguson, head of product marketing at HMD Global, said: “People appreciate quality, long-lasting devices, and they shouldn't lose those key features because of the price. The new Nokia G22 is specially designed with an easy-to-repair design, so users can preserve it even longer. The Nokia C32 then boasts an improved camera and the C22 model offers greater durability, making the C series even more valuable."

"We are very pleased to announce the first steps towards the introduction of 5G device manufacturing in Europe," said Jean-Francois Baril, co-founder, president and CEO of HMD Global, adding: "The Nokia brand has a strong presence in the European mobile phone market has a long history and with this move we strengthen our position as the only major smartphone supplier in Europe."

Nokia G22 – the first Nokia smartphone with the advantage of increased repairability

The Nokia G22 is designed to allow owners to perform selected repairs in the comfort of their own homes within minutes. Partnering with iFixit, the global community of device repair experts, gives you near-instant access to manuals and replacement parts. For example, a damaged display, a bent charging connector or a low battery can easily be replaced.

The back of the new Nokia G22 is made of 100% recycled plastic, the OZO Playback function provides clear sound with enhanced bass, and the 50 MP main camera captures important memories, which is enriched with the functions of the higher Nokia X series. expand the working memory by an additional 2 GB for more demanding applications to run more smoothly. The Nokia G22 will also please you, with two years of important updates, three years of regular security updates and a three-year warranty.

Ben Wood, Senior Analyst, CCS Insight: “As customer interest in longer-lasting, sustainable devices continues to grow, the ability to easily and affordably repair smartphones will be key to the market. Our survey of end users only confirms this: more than half of customers expressed interest in a simple repair of their device."

The Nokia C32 will offer the best camera in the C series so far

The Nokia C32 impresses with its 50 MP main camera, advanced algorithms to ensure the best possible images in any conditions, premium processing, elegant design and a 5000 mAh battery that ensures long battery life on a single charge. You will also like the introduction of the latest Android 13. All this at a favorable price.

The Nokia C22 is a champion of durability

The Nokia C22 is the most durable phone in the C series to date, and it outperformed its closest competitor in demanding free-fall tests. The Nokia C22 is thus ready to handle the unexpected pitfalls of everyday life. This is evidenced by the IP52 certification, which was achieved by the tempered 2.5D glass together with the solid metal frame, which is also embedded in a polycarbonate cover. The main camera has a resolution of 13 MP, so photography is not a problem even in low light conditions. The optimized Android 13 Go ensures trouble-free operation.

User security and full transparency are key business elements of HMD Global. That is why the company has set itself the goal of becoming the first major global supplier of smartphones that will manufacture its devices directly in Europe. Currently, HMD Global is taking the first steps and securing production capacities in Europe that will enable 5G production to start this year.

The availability, memory variants and official prices of our market will be clarified soon today! Come back later!

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