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HMD Global has received EcoVadis Platinum 2023 level sustainability certification

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F inland's HMD Global, which markets and sells Nokia phones, tablets and accessories under its Nokia-licensed trademark, has announced its new sustainability report covering the 2022 financial year.

Based on its operations, HMD Global has received EcoVadis Platinum level sustainability certification, which means that HMD Global is among the most responsible 1 percent of companies worldwide. Finland's HMD Global has announced its new sustainability report, which covers the financial year 2022 and based on its operations, HMD Global has received EcoVadis Platinum level sustainability certification, which means that HMD Global is among the most responsible 1 percent of companies worldwide.

The company has invested in responsibility in many ways, consisting of environmental friendliness and operating methods related to social responsibility and governance. More recently, starting with the Nokia G22, it has sought to make its smartphones easier to repair, which can extend their lifespan. The vast majority of emissions associated with phones occur during the manufacturing stage. HMD Global has increased the use of recycled materials, the aluminum used in the Nokia X30 5G is 100% recycled, and the plastic is 65% recycled. In the case of the Nokia G60 5G, however, the back is made of 100% recycled plastic, and the frame is made of 60% recycled plastic.

A letter from Jean-Francois

Welcome to HMD’s sustainability report for 2022. This document is designed to give you an insider’s view of our business. You’ll see how far we’ve come and how far we’re aiming to go. But before you get stuck into the detail, let me give you a quick overview of our approach, achievements and ambitions.

We don’t just do sustainability reporting. We do sustainability business modelling.

At HMD, reporting on our environmental, social and governance standards is so much more than a tick box exercise to meet the requirements expected of today’s businesses. That’s why sustainability is legitimately wired into our business, our products and our culture. Because we know our success as a business – and the future of life on earth – depends on it.

Less waste. More connection.

In 2022, we launched Circular – a subscription phone service that is set to redefine mobile phone ownership. Circular customers lease the phone from us. This means we can take devices back to keep them out of landfill and in people’s hands for longer. How? By refurbishing phones to ‘good as new’ then giving them a second life. And by donating older handsets to The Unconnected, who are a global community on a mission to connect one billion people to the internet. Of course, at the end of a phone’s use, we collect recyclable parts and put them back to good use.

Sustainability through longevity

We have continued to deliver robust, long-lasting and affordable devices across our product portfolio. The Nokia X30 5G is our most sustainable smartphone yet. It’s made with 100% recycled aluminium and 65% recycled plastic. While the Nokia G60 5G has a back cover that’s made with 100% recycled plastic and a frame made using 60% recycled plastic. What’s more, both phones come with 3 years warranty, 3 years OS and 3 years of monthly security updates. This allows us to bring more longevity and sustainability commitments to the many, not just the few.

To make this happen, we worked closely with our carefully selected suppliers to source materials. This also includes packaging for some of our products, which is now 100% recycled or FSC® certified. What’s more, we’ve started removing chargers and earbuds from our phone packaging, which means our boxes are smaller and so is our CO2e impact during transportation.

Phones in hands and out of landfill

We have launched Trade In, so customers can get a discount off a new device whilst giving back their current device for it’s second life – and thereby keeping it out of landfill for longer. Indeed, repairability is a big focus for us going forward.

We give 100% to be in 1% of the most sustainable businesses globally.

In 2022, we were awarded EcoVadis Platinum status, which recognises our commitment to sustainable practices. This also means we are in the top 1% of businesses globally. As you can imagine, this is something we’re extremely proud of.

Connecting the world won’t cost the earth, thanks to our people.

Before I sign off, I’d like to personally thank everyone at HMD, our partners and suppliers. Without your dedication to environmental, social and governance standards at every touch point of our business, we wouldn’t have made such progress. Afterall, less waste, less landfill and lower impacts all mean one thing: more connection. Jean-Francois Letter from the Executive Chairman-Highest Governance Body for Sustainability

One of HMD Global's longstanding commitments is to plant trees based on the sale of Nokia phones. More than 418,000 trees have already been planted with the project implemented in cooperation between HMD Global and Ecolog. Additionally, in partnership with ClearRivers, HMD Global helped remove 3.5 tons of plastic from rivers.

Chargers were omitted from the sales packaging of the latest Nokia smartphones. According to HMD Global, removing chargers from the sales packaging of the Nokia X10 and X20 reduced charger production by 777 kilograms. For those who need a charger, HMD Global sold the chargers separately on its online store and donated €10 from the charger to charity. According to data from HMD Global, in 2022, 85 percent of those who bought a phone in its online store did not buy a charger.

NAccording to HMD Global's previously published goals, it wants to reduce its carbon footprint by 42 percent by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050. As a new opening in 2023, HMD Global will provide used, refurbished phones to consumers, initially in the UK and Germany, with the aim of extending the Circular business model to corporate customers. HMD Global's sustainability report contains a lot of other interesting information. HMD Global, for example, says it employed a total of 762 people in 44 different offices in 2022.

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