HMD Global has announced a new software service

27. 03. 2022 Sunday / By: Robert Denes / Reviews / Exact time: BST / Print this page

M any people know HMD Global as the company behind modern Nokia smartphones. Over the past few years, the company has quietly advanced in an entirely new market - B2B services. HMD Global recently filed a trademark application with EUIPO for a service called HMD Softlock.

The application is for the various devices under software and applications that should or could be used to control and manage access server applications and many other things. It could be a service for managing Connect plans, or something completely different.

HMD’s service portfolio currently consists of three main products: Enable Pro, Connect Pro, and the mysterious Softlock, which has only secretly appeared in a few markets. Announced in the summer of 2021, Enable Pro will help businesses manage and manage their Android device fleet. And Connect Pro allows companies to connect their IoT endpoints (from smartphones to sensors and more) to the Internet from anywhere in the world, facilitating secure remote data collection.

Softlock, meanwhile, is still taking shape. The idea is to solve the need to block or cancel assets sold for financing in less affluent markets if the client does not pay again. This feature is currently only compatible with Nokia phones.

Trademarks for phones do not include HMD, all software and network stores developed by HMD are named after them. There may be some agreement with Nokia that HMD will not be placed next to brands like Asha, PureView, Xpress-On that Nokia has previously made. Still, some may call it an exit strategy, but HMD has now released a nice call and data plan service for small businesses and individuals who need an easy way to control data and call plans through the app.


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