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HMD Global has again been awarded the Platinum EcoVadis 2023 Sustainability Rating

24. 10. 2023 Tuesday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

HMD Global, the maker of Nokia devices, has again received the prestigious Platinum EcoVadis 2023 sustainability rating. In this comparison, HMD Global was in the top percentage of companies. In comparison, HMD Global outperformed 98 percent of audited communications equipment manufacturers for sustainable practices.

EcoVadis provides a holistic sustainability rating service for companies through a global cloud-based SaaS platform. The Platinum rating indicates our advanced structured and proactive approach to sustainability. It serves as an indicator of positive intent to improve sustainability management performance and increase impact.

The EcoVadis Rating covers a wide range of non-financial management systems, including environmental, labor and human rights, ethical and sustainable procurement impacts. Each company is rated on financial matters according to the company's size, location and industry.

Jean-Francois Baril is co-founder and CEO of HMD Global Oy:

I am very proud to inform you that HMD has received the impressive Platinum EcoVadis 2023 Sustainability Rating for the second year in a row. We give 100% to be in the 1% of the most sustainable companies in the world.

The Platinum rating indicates our advanced structured and proactive approach to sustainability. It serves as an indicator of positive intent to improve sustainability management performance and increase impact.

We have come a long way and we are striving for much more. We don't just prepare sustainability reports. We deal with sustainable business modeling. At HMD, reporting on our environmental, social and governance standards is much more than a tick-box exercise to meet the demands of today's businesses. It is truly embedded in the products we design, the materials we use and the packaging we deliver.

Sustainability is rightfully embedded in our business, products and culture. Because we know that our business success - and the future of life on Earth - depends on it.

We are passionate about creating value for people, partners and the planet.

With a strong commitment to bringing high-quality, affordable mobile devices to consumers, all of us at HMD are excited about the future of designing innovative products that last, reduce electronic waste, and help people keep their mobile devices. longer and have a positive impact on the planet.

These evidence-based assessments are refined into easy-to-read scorecards that range from zero to one hundred (0-100) and award medals (bronze, silver, gold) where applicable. In addition, the scorecards provide guidance on strengths and areas for improvement that rated companies can use to focus their sustainability efforts and develop corrective action plans to improve their sustainability performance.

To promote global supply chain sustainability, large multinationals partner with EcoVadis, leveraging their leverage as a "force for good" to push trading partners beyond compliance. A rated company can see how its score compares to the benchmark in its industry. Combining the scorecard results with areas for improvement results in a “race to the top” in which entire industries compete to implement global best practice.

Through the Enterprise subscription and related services, EcoVadis provides an outsourced sustainability management platform that helps large organizations: invite their commercial partners for certification; managing the performance of trading partners; implements continuous development.

Purchasing organizations can easily integrate EcoVadis Scorecards into their daily business practices (such as supplier registration, compliance, sourcing, and supplier performance and relationship management), enabling their organization to make more sustainable purchasing decisions while positively incentivizing aligned trading partners. with their sustainability practices.

To date, EcoVadis has certified more than 75,000 trading partners worldwide, reducing risk for some of the world's largest organizations while having a positive impact on the environment, promoting transparency and driving innovation.

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