HMD Global continues to sail without a flagship

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F lorian Seiche confirmed in a preliminary briefing held a week before the announcement of MWC 2022 in Barcelona that he will focus on affordable smartphone offerings, but confirmed that the Nokia X product line will be further developed with new devices coming out in late 2022.

Unfortunately, Rita El Khoury of the Android Authority, Adam Ferguson, head of product marketing at HMD Global, admits that the company currently “makes no sense to make a $ 800 phone”.

Well I think without a flagship, marketing is bad, there is no good marketing. Recall the devices Nokia launched as a telecommunications brand in the 2000s. We could list the phone types and positive arguments for up to several days but let’s get to the subject quickly. The Nokia 3210 is Nokia's first hidden antenna phone. That is, let's get started quickly with the 5110, 6110 series. Basic phones with the great and unique Nokia design of the time.

These handsets were followed by the Nokia 7110, which also starred in the famous Matrix movie. Excellent design, very well-focused design, acceptable pricing .... we could even list the positives because negativ doesn’t really exist. These phones were followed by Nokia Communicators (9000, 9110, 9210, 9500 E90) which put unique knowledge and creativity in the pockets of the users. True this is already a bit astronomical in price but even then these were the best mobile phones in the world I think we can say that they were the first smartphones.

And unfortunately, now comes Windows, which has sent Nokia completely to the floor. A huge mistake with which Nokia chose Windows over Android. Without OS developers, of course. For the case, the primary problem is very little development for Windows. So ... who may not remember a sentence I describe. You bought a good Nokia phone (Lumia 1020) with Windows OS without apps or games. Of course, there are a few of them, but that's where the problem started with just a few. If I remember correctly, Android OS has 1.5 million apps! Global sales of Nokia phones have fallen to 1.5%.

As I mentioned earlier, Nokia Mobile is not able to compete with competing manufacturers. He can't because he doesn't want to, of course. He doesn’t want to invest millions in improvements because Asian manufacturers are switching faster and faster, introducing more and more high-end phones. But there is also some good news, as we have recently seen healthy growth in the brand with around 3.2 million smartphone shipments in HMD Global in the fourth quarter of 2021. Of course, brand loyalty continues to play a huge role in these data. But until when?

Recently, Nokia Mobile introduced the new and latest handsets in the new C, X and G series that I like. I like it because smart phones have smart plans with three years of software upgrades ... Yes! Let's face it, these are good, good phones in addition to the King which is the XR20. But these are still not really flagship phones. The innovation and quality of the product that complements the ecosystem and made futuristic and joyful ahead of time Nokia phones are now lagging behind. Yes, there is no design. Let's face it, everyone looks best because the customer looks at the internal features of the phone, especially the memory, after viewing it. How much is that? 32, 64 or 128? What do you see when you take a cell phone? You will see a "black" brick shaped phone that is 3-4-5 mm thick. You can see a "huge" black touch screen. You flip the phone to see the camera, the structure of the camera, its location on the "black" back.

Anyone who has seen an old Nokia phone can admit that today’s phones have no design. This is slowly falling behind for a decade. No shape, no color or no push button for colors i.e. no design. What do we love about this? You like?

Let's sit down a little, let's relax. Imagine you want to buy a new car. We go to a car showroom where we have two cars in stock, which we call a "Z" car. Let one car be white and the other be gold! Car pricing should be the same! Which color car do you buy as a buyer? White or gold? I think it’s natural for everyone to choose the “gold” level. In today's mobile phone market, there is only a choice of colors. No design. Could this be one of Nokia's biggest problems? Do you still need design?

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