HMD Global appointed Team Lewis to Malaysia's New Media Relationship Consultant

17. 08. 2021 Tuesday / By: Robert Denes / Business / Exact time: BST / Print this page

The HMD Global decided to choose the HMD TEAM LEWIS agency team of social partners in Malaysia, PR and events organized to promote the Nokia Mobile Malaysian market. Team Lewis Team provides Nokia Mobile brand building, communication and problem consultancy services and media relationship processing, content creation and supervisory services.

With the HMD Global Marketing Group, we have a way of creating the brand's ideas and strengthen the current presence of Nokia Mobile in the Malaysian community and through the continuous development of technology, such as Nokia Mobile smartphones.

GOH DOH Hau, the country manager of HMD Malaysia said: We can continue to allow our existing and prospective customers to enjoy updating your mobile phone operating system, but may also be worried about the free pleasure of high security and the "Build To Last" concept products.

In developing technology, they want to call attention from all areas of society for their sustainable business practices and the HMD contribution to the sustainable development of the environment also recognized in ECOVADIS 2021. For this reason, they are looking for something that can break through Team Lewis to convey the ideas and information that HMD wants to finish out in all areas of life.

The Marketing Director of the HMD Global Pan-Asian Region, Liew Huey Ling said: The Malaysian smartphone market is very competitive. As a leading representative of the industry, Nokia Mobile needs a partner who can work deeply. Partners must be able to take over the leading role and have a profound insight into the industry, we need to understand their marketing concepts and needs and be able to break through. Traditional sales strategies to convey creative solutions to achieve higher market penetration. For the results of Team Lewis's consumer technology products, they are deeply admired and awaiting the days when they cooperate with them to raise Nokia Mobile to new heights.

As for the executive director of Team Lewis, Ann Chong said: That consumer technology products, including the smartphone-industry area, have high innovations and breakthroughs in recent years. He explained that Nokia Mobile's latest smart device-portfolio features features that consumers can like and trust them and reflect the desire of Nokia Mobile to innovate and provide a more durable and better experience to customers. These points make Team Lewis very excited to cooperate with active brands such as Nokia Mobile E and are looking forward to expressing Nokia Mobile's concept in reality with their individual presentation methods.

Due to rapid development in consumer technology products, HMD Global actively searches for the use of brand reputation and focusing on marketing strategies to move on to the Malaysian market.

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