HMD Global acknowledges that there are issues with updates to Android 11

06. 01. 2022 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Software / Exact time: BST / Print this page

The Italian blog of the Android Authority asked HMD Global if the problem was due to the large number of phones that needed to be upgraded and why it was a problem to release updates for Android 11. Nokia device owners who did not receive the "monthly" security updates late or not at all noticed that HMD Global had a problem releasing updates to their phone after updating to Android 11.

Stephan Taylor, HMD’s chief marketing officer, responded on behalf of the company. The CEO also added that in addition to the large device portfolio, the fact that I didn’t participate in the Android 11 beta program also slowed down a lot.

Stephan Taylor, HMD's Chief Marketing Officer, said: "I think your observation is honestly correct. We haven't been very successful with the introduction of Android 11 (sic) and I think we've learned from it. But I think we're moving forward in a global perspective. we’re definitely focusing on a more targeted level of devices, and we’re already in the beta program for Android 12. So yes, we’ve been a bit embarrassed about Android 11, but I think we’re back at the forefront.”

Taylor also takes the opportunity to confirm the introduction of a stable version of Android 12 on the Nokia X20, demonstrating the company’s renewed commitment to it.

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