HMD Global Enterprise launches its new EMM service, HMD Enable Pro

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HMD Global, a manufacturer of Nokia phones, has launched a new software service called HMD Enable PRO. The Finnish company has previously filed an application for protection of the HMD Enable PRO name with EUIPO.

6 MAY 2021

ESPOO, FINLAND, 6 MAY 2021 – HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announces the launch of its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution for IoT and enterprise use, HMD Enable Pro. The move further diversifies the company’s services offering and, when combined with Nokia smartphones and HMD Connect Pro data roaming service, creates a one-stop shop for those seeking a flexible total solution for their mobility needs.

HMD Enable Pro has been launched by the trusted Finnish company to meet demand in the fast-moving EMM market. The service caters especially to those who require smartphones, an EMM solution, and connectivity from just one provider. The new service allows organisations to manage a number of AndroidTM mobile devices by providing needed apps, setting security policies, and by defining what application usage is allowed and not allowed.

The new service is the entry point to Nokia Mobile's enterprise mobility management market. This service allows companies to centrally manage all their mobile and IoT devices.

HMD Enable Pro is an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution based on the latest Android Enterprise capabilities. HMD Enable Pro allows companies to register and centrally manage their devices, whether they are company-owned or BYOD.

Andrej Sonkin, General Manager, Enterprise, HMD Global said: “Today, approximately 15-20% of enterprise devices are managed with an EMM, and demand for trustworthy solutions is only increasing. The demand is driven by digitalization, use of commercial off-the-shelf devices in IoT, personal data protection regulation and overall IT security needs. We feel that the time has come for a step change in EMM adoption. This will be hugely beneficial to IoT solution providers, users and enterprises who are sure to love the easy to use HMD Enable Pro, no matter the size of their company or customer base. With the launch of HMD Enable Pro, we are responding to the needs of companies who want to have their whole solution, including Nokia devices, EMM and data roaming connectivity from one trusted manufacturer ”

HMD Enable Pro - the EMM solution for easy and efficient Android device management: HMD Enable Pro supports all available Android Enterprise management profiles: Work Profile, Fully Managed, and Kiosk, and provides visibility into the status and performance of your company’s fleet.

HMD Enable Pro is easy to use and requires no prior IT or device management experience. The Admin Console guides users through the process of creating the desired management policies and enrollment options. Because HMD Enable Pro is built on the Android Management API, it can be used with any Nokia smartphone, other device recommended by Android Enterprise, and almost any other GMS device. As long as you run Android 9 or later, it’s good.

Are you responsible for handling your phones in a secure environment? Or maybe phones and tablets in the store or office? Or are you an IoT solution provider and are smartphones an integral part of your offering? Whatever your industry or business, HMD Enable Pro is the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution you can rely on to secure, manage and monitor your Android device fleet from deployment to retirement.

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