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HMD 110 was already revealed in pictures before the official announcement

16. 05. 2024 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Leakage / Exact time: BST / Print this page

HMD Global has introduced a number of new products recently. It has already abandoned the Nokia brand in smart devices, but for basic phones, there have been a number of Nokia announcements in recent weeks as HMD renews its collection. However, now it seems that HMD will also release its first own-brand basic phone, which was revealed in the HMD 110 basic phone and in the pictures published on the Internet.

In an Instagram post by Indian retailer Sky Mobile, surprisingly, a promotional image of the yet-to-be-announced HMD 110, which also features the recently announced Nokia 3210, has been posted. The design of the HMD 110 looks more angular than some basic Nokia phones, but overall it looks quite ordinary. There are quite large keys on the front and the HMD logo is clearly visible below the screen. There is a round camera section on the back, where the camera and the LED light are located. The HMD logo is also clearly visible on the back.

Since HMD also uses its own brand in basic phones, the continued use of the Nokia brand is an open question. Recently, HMD has introduced many new basic Nokia phones. In early April, it updated the Nokia 230, Nokia 5310 and Nokia 6310 to 2024 models, for example, bringing USB-C connectivity to all of them. The Nokia 215 4G, Nokia 225 4G and Nokia 235 4G were introduced at the end of April, and in May the new Nokia 3210, which is based on the classic Nokia model from 25 years ago.

In smart devices, HMD began its own-brand transition by announcing its first own-brand phones in April, unveiling the affordable Pulse trio of phones under €200.

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