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Get ready to burst the bubble of excitement - With the Nokia Barbie smartphone

04. 09. 2023 Monday / By: Robert Denes / Leakage / Exact time: BST / Print this page

B arely an hour ago, Nokia Mobile shared this advertising text and 12-second animation on its Twitter channel, in which it can be verified that it is only a matter of hours before it announces a device due at the IFA 2023 event currently being held in Berlin, Germany.

Excitement...bubble....popped...what do you think it could be? What can this advertising text from Nokia Mobil cover? Pink color... Can we see a new Barbie phone from Nokia? Or a not yet officially announced Nokia smartphone? Nokia X40 5G? The leaked advertising photo shows a pink smartphone, of course, from Nokia. This is held by a man, with this we can forget about the Barbie phone...

But then why pink if not Barbie? And what do you think? Comment on the article!

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