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Get ready for wild smartphone-shaped sunglasses and backpacks just for phones

06. 06. 2024 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Reviews / Exact time: BST / Print this page

HMD and London Fashion Week designer Sinead Gorey launched 'The Phonecore Collection' to celebrate the launch of the HMD Pulse Pro. Phonecore designs that complement the new Pulse Pro include oversized phone-shaped sunglasses, a smartphone backpack and a belt that holds your phone.

The HMD x Sinead Gorey 'Phonecore' collection has been released worldwide on Tuesday, May 14. Forget cottagecore, commutercore and gorpcore; a new fashion aesthetic on the block with an unlikely muse at its “core”: the HMD Pulse Pro smartphone.

To celebrate the launch of the HMD Pulse Pro smartphone, European mobile innovator Human Mobile Devices (HMD) and Fashion Week designer Sinead Gorey have teamed up to create 'The Phonecore Collection', featuring a pair of 'screen protectors' - sunglasses. , with a vertical frame and mobile phone-shaped lenses.

Lars Silberbauer, HMD’s Chief Marketing Officer: “We are so excited to unveil our HMD Pulse Pro device, and this unique Phonecore collection designed by Sinead Gorey. It is the perfect statement of what the HMD Pulse Pro, and HMD, represents. People no longer want their smartphones to only be state-of-the-art pieces of technology but also to be fashion statements - and the HMD Pulse Pro is both. In addition to a 50MP camera, gesture-activated selfie function and bleeding edge tech under the hood, the device has a distinctive normcore revival aesthetic that makes it a great accessory to any wardrobe. The device also represents affordable luxury, as we don’t believe that quality should be out of reach for anybody.”

Commenting on the launch of The Phonecore Collection, Sinead Gorey, Fashion Designer, said: “With the HMD Pulse Pro acting as the muse to my designs, our Phonecore collection perfectly demonstrates the coming together of tech and fashion. Each accessory boasts a 70s space age future feeling with art-deco references and modern technology at its heart. For me it’s clear the intersection of fashion and technology is only going to lead to more industry innovations with wearable accessories at the forefront.” 

The Phonecore collection is an extremely limited edition of fresh Sinead Gorey fashion designs inspired by – and integrated with – one of HMD's first original smartphones, the HMD Pulse Pro and its Glacier Green colourway. The collection aims to accompany, emphasize and complement a smartphone like nothing else in the fashion world.

The HMD x Sinead Gorey 'Phonecore' range includes:

  • Phonecore 'Screen shades': a wild, oversized pair of sunglasses with elongated vertical frames that precisely match the shape of your smartphone, complete with black lenses that mimic the device's screen. Wearing two smartphone silhouettes above the eyes is very atmospheric.
  • Phonecore ‘Mobile backpack’: a 3D-printed undersized backpack designed only to house the smartphone. The semi-transparent smartphone backpack builds on the ever-popular trend of the mini bag but puts the smartphone in the front seat. The bag has also been engineered for a HMD Pulse Pro to sit upright in the bag, enabling owners to take a swift hands-free selfie whilst on the go.
  • Phonecore Belt: A modernised belt that heroes the smartphone. The toolkit-style belt features a pouch for the phone, making it the ultimate utilitarian addition to someone’s fit.
  • The items in the HMD x Sinead Gorey ‘Phonecore’ collection can be paired with a wide variety of apparel and other fashion ‘cores’, but the items’ colour-blocking lends itself particularly well to the normcore 2.0 aesthetic and monochromatic outfits.

    The collection is also a timely symbol of the importance of the smartphone in people’s daily fashion lives. New research from HMD has found that 54% of Gen Zs see their smartphone as more than just a functional device, citing them as fashion items too¹ (a returning trend first observed during the Y2K era), and one in four said they’d bought a phone because it matched their personal style¹.

    In addition, the research explored repairability – a key product benefit offered by the Pulse Pro – which, according to Gen Zs, will be the next mass mainstream trend in consumer products. A considerable 43 per cent said as much, and 41 per cent said they’d be more likely to buy an electrical device if they could repair it themselves. Going to show just how committed Gen Z is to sustainability, only 8 per cent said they’d throw away a phone that has a faulty or broken screen¹.

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