GO Malta signs € 16 million 5G contract with Nokia telecoms giant

16. 12. 2021 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Business / Exact time: BST / Print this page

GO Malta has signed a € 16 million contract with Nokia telecoms giant for 5G infrastructure, which will provide nationwide coverage by the end of 2023.

Starting Wednesday, GO customers with 5G-enabled devices will be able to use the latest generation of mobile technology for free when staying in areas covered by 5G, such as St Julian’s and Sliema.

Nokia is a leading global 5G supplier and a reliable mobile partner of GO since the launch of 3G in 2007.

Nikhil Patil, CEO of GO plc, said: "As a company, we are proud to be one of Malta's largest investors in digital infrastructure. This ongoing investment means our customers can enjoy the best and latest technology every day and never have to worry about it. how they go.to connect with the things they love, but rather about who and what they want to connect with”.

“Our job is to continue to enable people’s lives and businesses with the latest technology, the fastest, unlimited mobile speeds,” he added.

5G paves the way for the adoption of mobile solutions in real-time applications such as automation and remote monitoring, as well as “immersive” technologies such as virtual reality. This delay is made possible by reducing the response time of the mobile network, thus providing a much richer experience for the end user.

5G also provides much more capacity, allowing multiple devices to use the network at the same time, which is an essential requirement for mobile networks to support the Internet of Things, which will require billions of devices to connect worldwide.

GO launched its first IoT product this week, allowing businesses to track valuable assets and collect data to make better decisions.

Kelvin Camenzuli, GO’s Deputy Chief Digital Officer, said: “How to tackle the challenges of the future with connectivity, speed and quality of service, offering high-speed mobile connectivity, low latency services and a highly reliable and scalable network.

He said GO’s technical teams are working hard to install a true fiber-optic connection at the company’s mobile sites to prepare for the 5G connection.

“We believe Nokia’s 5G proposal meets our expectations because it is a solution designed to support the growth of mobile and enterprise services and allow our customers the scalability and diverse service requirements to truly experience the benefits of 5G. , as we ensure that no one is left behind in connection to the latest 5G services, ”added Camenzuli.

"Over the past year, our existing 4G mobile network has been repeatedly certified by independent accreditors as the fastest and most reliable mobile network. ensuring that the lives of our customers are a little better every day, ”Patil concluded.

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