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Florian Seiche has left to join the board of the Russian phone brand INoi

26. 08. 2023 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

F lorian Seiche, former CEO of Nokia phone company HMD Global, has joined the board of Russia-based INoi.

Seiche talked about his new position at LinkedIn. “I am excited to join the INOI team as a board member. I love your mission to provide a great user experience for everyone – stay tuned…” Seiche writes in his post.

Florian Seiche is reported to have stepped down as CEO of HMD Global in October 2022. Seiche has been CEO of HMD Global since 2017. In addition to the INOI pest, Seiche says in his LinkedIn profile that since the beginning of 2023 he has generally worked as a strategic consultant, board member and investor.

INOI is a relatively small phone brand with a Russian background that focuses on affordable phones. In its operation, INOI focuses primarily on sales and marketing, and the products themselves are developed and manufactured by contract manufacturers. In this respect, INIO's business model is partly similar to HMD Global.

INOI was born in Russia, but moved its operations from Russia to Estonia in the fall of 2022. The founder of INOi is the Russian Sergei Fomin, who, however, left the country behind. INOI, which currently distributes phones equipped with the Android operating system, previously also used the Sailfish OS operating system developed by the Finnish company Jolla in its products - in the INOI R7, as well as in simpler phones such as basic phones.

INOI managed to draw attention to some of its products with its unashamedly inspired design. Some of INIO's phones, such as the A72 and Note 13s, copied the rear camera design directly from Apple's iPhones. Among the basic phones, for example, the design of the INOI 288S Steel was clearly inspired by the Nokia 8800 of recent years.

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