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Eton College is replacing its smartphones with Nokia

09. 07. 2024 Tuesday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

S martphones are now both a universal rifle and a pocketable distraction, and researchers have been sounding the alarm for a good decade about the threatening effects of the devices on mental health and social interaction. UNESCO's 2023 recommendation deems it acceptable to allow smartphones into schools only "for the time of use supporting education", and several governments have formulated similar guidelines regarding smartphones - the extent to which these institutions are able/willing to comply is a different question.

The main argument against strict regulation is typically that "I can't reach my child/the child can't reach me". That is why the British elite high school in Eton is introducing the experimental solution from September for the first year students - the 13-year-old group - that when the students arrive at school, they give their smartphones to their parents, but put their SIM card into a Nokia "dumb phone" provided by the school ". The device can only be used to make calls and send SMS, it has no Internet applications. By the way, as I wrote about it earlier based on personal experience, the modern world does not end with a Nokia, in fact!

Mike Grenier, Eton's assistant director of retreats, wrote to concerned parents, according to Yahoo News, that:

"If used responsibly and in moderation, the smartphone can become a key part of the modern teenager's life, helping the child to have positive social experiences and contributing to access to news and diverse views. However, in addition to its positive effects, the development of social skills and mental and physical constitutes a serious threat in the field of health."

Grenier insisted the Eton boys' school's restrictions on smartphones would remain in place. In the private institution founded in 1440, which has given Britain no fewer than 20 prime ministers, different grades of "detox days" have been introduced for smartphones in order to avoid a rigid - and anyway counterproductive - total ban.

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