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Effective and secure relationships can be released

23. 11. 2022 Wednesday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

Co-creation between companies is the key to the future at the Connected Safe Industry event organized by DIMECC, Business Finland and Nokia.

The current geopolitical situation is challenging for the industry. The Connected Safe Industry event, which brings together the key factors of industry and research, focused on the situation where the industry must build a networked operating model and effective connections in the changing global situation.

"Finnish industry is very ready for this, as we have a culture where we are prepared for certain changes, compared to countries that are not yet," says Harri Kulmala, CEO of DIMECC Ltd.

Organized by DIMECC, Business Finland and Nokia, the focus of the day was how companies can cooperate more broadly and more thoroughly for better results. The event was held at the Nokia Executive Experience Center (EEC) in Karakaari, Espoo.

"Business Finland's funding has made it possible to innovate together with the best Finnish players. We are very happy about this, as well as the joint creative innovation activities within DIMECC. We are rapidly evolving our enterprise offering and are constantly adopting new technologies to realize Industry 4.0 with private wireless and beyond, as well as the ecosystems around us," says Tuuli Ahava, director of enterprise solutions at Nokia.

"Our mission is to raise the growth rate of the national economy to new heights by increasing investments in research, development and innovation. Renewal is particularly needed in many industrial sectors, and Business Finland's Leading Company campaign is a fundamental effort in this. The missions formulated and driven by the leading companies are an open call for cooperation for the broad renewal of industries. We present all the missions on Business Finland's website, and we hope that they will widely encourage companies in Finland to work together within the missions,"says Toni Mattila, Head of Sustainable Manufacturing at Business Finland.

"To succeed in accelerating growth and renewing industries, effective cross-pollination between industry players and people specializing in data, cybersecurity and connectivity is essential," says Kirsi Kokko, head of the Business Finland Digital Trust.

Wärtsilä's Sustainable Technology Center (STH) in Vaasa presents a concrete model of cooperation across company boundaries. The 3D printing open experimental center of the FAME ecosystem (Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem) in the Hub, AM Campus openly shares facilities, equipment and information about 3D printing and their technical solutions.

"We believe in creating future solutions together with our customers, partners and universities, responding best to the ever-changing needs of the market and making our production carbon-free," says Giuseppe Saragó, director of manufacturing excellence, who presented Wärtsilä's collaborative model.

DIMECC Ltd., which celebrated its 15th annual seminar at the event, gathers experts from industrial companies and research institutes in the field of ecosystems, research programs or other services that focus, for example, on product development, future technology or new business.

"The growth of joint creation is also reflected in the growth of DIMECC's activities, because we expanded by 38 percent in 2021 and by around 10 percent this year. At least the amount of R&D work done in our framework has increased in the industry, and this is evidenced by the significant increase in the number of ecosystems we run and the number of ecosystem members,” says Kulmala.

Nokia participates in the FAMN ecosystem (Finnish Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem) led by DIMECC and the AISA project (AI based situational awareness) supported by DIMECC, where industrial automation applications using artificial intelligence and high-speed wireless communication links are developed.

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