Ed Sheeran explains why he uses a Nokia 3310 phone

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Ed Sheeran gave up his smartphone in 2015 and is now the owner of a £ 60 Nokia 3310 phone, an old stillusu push button phone.

According to the 2021 Sunday Times Rich List, Framlingham’s Ed Sheeran is worth £ 220 million, so like any other celebrity, it’s expected to be available on his latest smartphone. However, in a recent interview, the Framlingham star admitted he didn’t have a smartphone - and hasn’t had one in the past seven years.

In fact, the 30-year-old is leaning on a 60-pound retro Nokia phone to stay in touch with people, writes the Daily Star.

Speaking to The Collector's Edition podcast, Sheeran said he was "really, very upset and sad" when he had his smartphone.

“I spent all my time in a very low place,” he said.

He complained that when he went out to the pub with his companions, they focused on their phone rather than chatting with him, and he wanted everyone to have a BlackBerry because it was easier.

Sheeran said getting rid of her phone was amazing for her mental health.

“It was like a veil that just rose ... I didn’t cut off contact with people so much, I just restricted contact with people.

Ed Sheeran said giving up his smartphone helped his mental health

"I have an email now ... and I'll sit down every few days, open my laptop, and reply to 10 emails at a time ... then go back to life and don't feel overwhelmed."

He says he now enjoys an “uninterrupted” bond with his close friends and family.

Sheeran only broke her phone rule when the coronavirus epidemic began and needed a phone to use the NHS Track and Trace app.

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