Discount Nokia phones in Malaysia

08. 11. 2021 Monday / By: Robert Denes / Reviews / Exact time: BST / Print this page

We can see several Nokia phone and accessory promotions over the past few days, but now here is the latest extraordinary special offer from Asian Malaysia where you can buy Nokia 105, Nokia 106, Nokia 110, Nokia 150, Nokia 1.4, Nokia 5.4, Nokia 210, Nokia 225 and Nokia 6300 at a discounted price offered by the Shopee dealer.

The special Nokia phone offer includes free home delivery and a special offer period from November 11 to November 14! In addition to the special devices, you can buy Nokia's latest Nokia X20 or C10 and C20 smartphones, but you can also buy a C01 Plus, 1.4 or even a 5.3 smartphone. The latter device is not covered by the special offer, so we can buy these devices at any time without any time limit.

Of course, in addition to the phones mentioned above, other Nokia devices can be purchased in Malaysia so I recommend everyone to take a closer look at the Shopee dealer offerings by clicking on the link below!


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