Deutsche Bahn equips tens of thousands of employees with Nokia devices

21. 05. 2022 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Business / Exact time: BST / Print this page

If you come across the guide on board a train in Germany in the future, you will see a Nokia smartphone or tablet. Deutsche Bahn has ordered a large number of Nokia Android devices for its employees.

The success of HMD Global and Nokia-branded Android smartphones is limited compared to the flood of mid-range devices. In a corporate environment, however, HMD Global can now expect the largest custom order to date, with Deutsche Bahn purchasing tens of thousands of devices.

HMD has announced that Deutsche Bahn has ordered 12,000 Nokia X20 smartphones as a first step. The big customer also ordered about 15,000 Nokia T20 tablets. The tools can be used by DB Fernverkehr AG employees. At first, it was not possible to find out what specific use the railway planned for the equipment.

Nokia products now ordered by Deutsche Bahn are lower-priced models. The Nokia X20 comes standard with a 5G modem around the Qualcomm Snapdragon 480, a 6.4-inch LCD screen and a 64-megapixel camera on the back.

The Nokia T20 is the only tablet released by HMD since licensing the Nokia brand. It has a 10.4-inch 2K resolution display and an 8200 mAh battery that is said to achieve long operating times. The weak point is certainly the UniSOC T610 SoC, which can’t be a performance miracle. According to HMD Global, the large order just announced is only part of an even larger partnership with Deutsche Bahn. The announcement did not indicate how many devices Deutsche Bahn intended to purchase in the long term.

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