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You didn't know that you get a free compostable case that is shockproof but soft on the ground and compost at home!

You don't have a garden, but would you like to compost? Now you just have to buy Nokia X10 and X20 smartphones, which you get a compostable case on the device to be offered to protect nature and fight global warming. As you can read in the previous article, if we do not reduce global emissions, climate change is increasingly expected with heat and drought.

Unfortunately, the contents of the municipal trash can either be in the garbage burner or the landfill. The burner produces harmful gases that need to be neutralized, and most of the foods do not decompose at all, but in a pit, squeezed into a lot of non -decomposed waste, or sometimes spontaneously lit up. Because of this preservation, it is possible for researchers at the University of Arizona to find a 25 -year -old salad head and a 40 -year -old hot dog in the landfill.

Nowadays, it is important for more and more people to reduce their carbon footprint in some way, so composting is gaining wider circles. If you have left your life so far, you might want to give it a try, as this is one of the easiest ways to produce less trash while you can create a great nutrient supply for your plants.

Without composting, most food waste is placed in landfills. However, there is a large amount of methane from organic waste, which damage the Earth's atmosphere as a greenhouse gas, thus contributing to climate change, the Washington Post points out. The size of this is well illustrated by the fact that only 87.6 million tons of food is lost in the European Union and becomes waste. Compost is called a solid, crumbly, dark brown, earth-like, high organic matter material that comes from organic waste, remnants, primarily microorganisms and soil-dwelling organisms, with adequate effects (oxygen, adequate moisture). The resulting humus -like substance serves as a full -fledged food for plants in nutrients and minerals and improves the structure of the soil, so it can be used greatly when gardening, farming or education.

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