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Christmas sales of Nokia devices in Thailand

10. 12. 2023 Sunday / By: Robert Denes / Reviews / Exact time: BST / Print this page

C hristmas is the holiday of love and gift-giving in many continents, cultures and religions, with which we buy a lot of gifts for our loved ones, including mobile phones, including Nokia smartphones, phones and other devices, showing our loved ones that we love them, I love you, my love.

Take a look at Shopee's range of Nokia phones in Thailand, where you can buy several retro and smartphones at discounted prices, including the Nokia C32 (5G), which you can buy for 3590 THB (original price: 4129 THB) (GBP 80, EUR 93, USD 100 and INR 8425) at a price. I'll note here....I don't quite understand the 5G indication on this device! Take stunning photos even in low light conditions and enjoy the benefits of a classy look and user experience! However, the Nokia C32 is ready to take you on the road with its 3-day battery life. And when the sun goes down, the dual rear camera that captures even more light is always at hand for stunning night shots. In addition to all this, thanks to the luxury glass back panel and the beautifully crafted details, it also provides a pleasant experience for your eyes and palm.

I can list the Nokia C10 among other discounted devices. You can buy this device at the price of 1750 THB (original price: 2590 THB) (GBP 39, EUR 45, USD 49 and INR 4107). When the opportunity to take a little me-time comes along, seize it with Nokia C10. Hugely reliable, with an all-day battery life, you can access photos and play your music, online and offline, anywhere and anytime. It's loaded with the latest Android 11 (Go edition) features, so you'll have smoother and faster access to your most important conversations. Encased with stylish Nordic design, you'll also love the big screen. It'll turn your commute into the best part of the day as you catch up with the latest news or your favorite YouTube channel. Between family and work, me-time is a precious thing. Nokia C10 can make it a little easier. With a battery that lasts all day, you can play your music anywhere, anytime. Plus, it's got an HD+ screen that's big and crystal clear - ideal for watching videos. So, now, the commute is me-time, waiting in line is me-time, come to think of it, anytime can now be me-time.

Our next phone is no longer a smartphone, but it's great for listening to music every day, it's a Nokia 5710 XpressAudio retro phone, which you can now buy at a discounted price of 1990 THB (original price: 2690) (GBP 44, EUR 52, USD 55 and INR 4670) at the Shoppe dealer, which device XpressAudio has a unique and game-changing design designed for new areas of audio freedom. The phone has a pair of wireless earbuds under a sleek and robust slider – pull them out when you want to listen and put them back in when you're done. And if you want to listen to music with your friends, simply switch to your phone's speaker.

Talk, listen or tune in as you choose with the wireless earbuds. They charge when not in use - and because they're in your phone, you'll always know where they are. They are even compatible with other devices. A dedicated music control panel nods to our XpressMusic heritage – and makes premium quality playback even easier.

As the last discounted device, you can also buy the low-end Nokia 110 4G phone, which boasts a premium design, which is available with every touch, for only 1190 THB (original price: 1290 THB) (GBP 26, EUR 31, USD 33 and INR 2792), which features phone has 4G-supported HD calls and a long-lasting battery - everything you need for long, clear conversations. Plus, the zoom screen option and large keyboard mean it's intuitive and easy to use. Contact made it easy. With larger fonts and a zoomed-in interface, the Nokia 105 4G is easy to use. It's also comfortable thanks to the large keyboard. Plus, the speed dial feature makes calling your loved ones even easier. The 1450 mAh battery provides hours of talk time or weeks of standby time - and battery saver takes you even longer. So you're always ready to chat.

To see more Nokia device offers and to buy, click on the link below. Of course, in the list of devices, you can also find other Nokia devices at normal prices without special offers!

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