Battlegrounds Mobile India 50 million downloads

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B attlegrounds Mobile India has recently reached 50 million downloads from the Google Play Store. The game has managed to reach the milestone in less than two months since its release on July 2 in India.

This milestone should come as no surprise, as PUBG Mobile registered more than 180 million downloads and more than 33 million players in India before being permanently banned from the country. Earlier this year, in March, PUBG achieved one billion downloads worldwide. In the pre-50 million milestone stage, players were given three cash on delivery coupon boxes when the title reached 48 and 49 million downloads, respectively.

Wooyol Lim, Head of Mobile at Krafton Battlegrounds, said: “We extend our warm wishes to our Indian fans on Independence Day. We’re excited to be a part of this celebration, which has become even sweeter with Battlegrounds Mobile India reaching 50 million downloads in the Play Store in over a month! I look forward to an equally strong response to our first sports competition starting next month."

Krafton recently launched Mahotsav Independence Day for Battlegrounds Mobile India players, which the company sees as one of its aspirations for Indian players. Last year, when the Indian version of PUBG Mobile was announced, Krafton promised to hold exclusive competitions and events for Indian audiences. It is one of the events celebrating India’s Independence Day, especially for Indian players.

PUBG Mobile’s trip to India was quite eventful. The latest chapter includes the launch of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series competition, which has received 540,000 registrations since registration began, reflecting the huge demand for the game, which has remained high and dry since last year’s ban. Krafton said the competition schedule will be announced after registration closes. The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series has a prize pool of $ 10 million, making it one of the largest sports competitions in India. In addition, Battlegrounds Mobile India will get a new season. The Royale Pass 2nd month kicked off last week. The next RPM rank is “stay at 50 while giving more rewards for each reward,” while challenging missions last only a month, according to Krafton.

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