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BT Group and Nokia unveil new network capabilities to meet future consumer needs

24. 08. 2023 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

BT and Nokia have announced that they have successfully merged two carrier components into a 5G Standalone (SA) live network spectrum. The demand for faster uplink speeds is becoming increasingly important in many existing and emerging use cases, including live streaming and video calling. Provider aggregation is an important technique to ensure reliability and high performance as demand and data usage continue to grow. Additional benefits include maximizing spectrum assets and greater energy efficiency.

5G carrier aggregation over a 5G SA network, which combines multiple transmission bands into a single connection, is a key capability to deliver the high-performance 5G service customers expect. Each new provider added brings more capacity and speed directly to customers' devices.

Last year BT and Nokia announced 5G SA 4CC CA downlink. By now achieving 5G SA 2CC CA uplink and 4CC CA downlink simultaneously, BT can achieve a significant increase in the performance of device-to-network links by increasing throughput and capacity and unlocking opportunities to further increase uplink performance in the future.

Tests were conducted at BT Group's facility in Adastral Park, UK, using Nokia's 5G AirScale portfolio and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.'s Snapdragon® 5G Modem-RF system, following initial lab trials.* Over speeds of 230 Mbps- t on the uplink – including the wider 5G FDD carrier at 40 MHz at 2600 MHz – and more than 1 Gbps on the downlink. The demonstration was aggregated with 15, 30 and 40 MHz NR2600 carriers, independently of each other with a 40 MHz NR3500 carrier component.

Greg McCall, Network Director, BT Group, said: “Provider aggregation will be key to delivering the best 5G experience for our customers, as this latest trial with Nokia shows significant performance gains in uplink speeds. This builds on last year's 4CA success in 5G SA downlink, and we look forward to further milestones in this area as we continue to move towards 5G SA.”

Mark Atkinson, Vice President PLM, Nokia Radio Access Networks, said: “This successful trial with our long-term partner BT is another great example of Nokia's unrivaled leadership in 5G carrier aggregation technology. Multi-component provider aggregation helps mobile providers to maximize their radio network assets and provide subscribers with the highest 5G data transfer speeds in as many locations as possible.”

Enrico Salvatori, Senior Vice President and President, Qualcomm Europe/MEA, Qualcomm Europe Inc., said: “We are proud of our continued partnership with BT to bring our latest 5G technologies to consumers. Aggregation of 2CC uplink providers is expected to increase uplink speed by up to 2x for an overall better user experience. Consumers can potentially upload and share higher-quality video online faster, such as when attending concerts or watching and streaming online games. We look forward to the future and what is to come with our continued cooperation with BT.

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