Another leak of four Nokia code names

14. 10. 2021 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Leakage / Exact time: BST / Print this page

E vleaks from the American Nokia and other news leaks, we can see more information before, all of which have stopped being true, and that is why we can say that it is a reliable news source. We’ve seen Nokia T20 “Riddler”, Nokia G50 “Punisher”, Nokia G300 “Aoki” before, and we’re still looking forward to the Nokia X100 “Deadmau5” that Nokia will announce soon.

- "Drake Lite"

- "Shadowcat"

- "Waterworld"

- "Weekend"

Today, he re-shared four new phone code names called Evleaks, called Drake Lite, Weekend, Shadowcat, and Waterworld. There are unfortunately no more detailed specifications about the devices, but these will be handsets with 5G phones as well.

The interesting thing about the names is that each name has a little to do with water, the aquatic world. Maybe all devices will be completely waterproof? As of today, these handsets will be officially announced to customers and Nokia enthusiasts within 1-2-60 days, so within 1-2 months. It’s all common, we’ll come across photos, specifications, detailed descriptions and pricing soon.

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