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Another Nokia phone was smuggled into the prison

19. 11. 2023 Sunday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

You may have already read that Nokia mobile phones were smuggled into the prison for the prisoners to keep in daily contact with their loved ones at home. Hungary is no exception when it comes to mobile phone smuggling, where a prison guard was also detained in Budapest for smuggling mini mobile phones to prisoners in a rural penitentiary.

The Budapest (Hungary) Regional Investigative Prosecutor's Office has already requested the suspect's arrest for the crime of accepting an official bribe committed in violation of his privileged official duty.

According to a statement from the Central Investigative Prosecutor General's Office, the man, who served as a district inspector, regularly brought in prohibited items for money to the inmates for months until he failed.

The investigating prosecutors took the prison guard into custody and conducted searches and seizures and initiated his arrest. The man's service relationship was terminated on the day the procedural actions concerning him were carried out.

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