5G should be seen as an economic opportunity

13. 03. 2022 Sunday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

New Delhi: Finnish telecom maker Nokia has said 5G should be seen as an “economic” opportunity rather than a mere network evolution as it helps the country’s GDP.

He urged the government and regulator, Trai, to pay 5G spectrum at a reasonable price for telecoms operators to invest more in their future high-speed networks. : .. if the mobile internet traffic is approx. It increases by 10%, which improves GDP by about 1%.

It must therefore be seen from this perspective. That’s why we need to balance the revenue that the government wants to take out of the spectrum auction and make more investment and for service providers to make more investment for service providers to finally make 5G work, ”said Sanjay Malik, Nokia is Senior Vice President and Head of Indian Markets. He said at ETTelecom's 2022 5G Congress, by a fireplace.

Malik said improving the right incentives and tariffs will help Indian telecom operators not only invest in spectrum but also widely introduce equipment that provides better service to consumers. seeing the early launches in India, right after the auctions. We are preparing for 5G as we have experimented with all service providers and successfully demonstrated speed, best latency and technology, ”he added.

The top executive said Nokia is not only manufacturing 5G equipment in India through its manufacturing plant in Chennai, but has also carried out a remote installation of 5G from its global delivery hub in India. “We manage the 5G network and at the same time we are working on the development of 5G in research and development. So on our part, yes, we have readiness.”

Airtel, according to Vodafone Idea, will evolve through cloud cloud RAN for 5G “Day zero of O-RAN will come in the cloud. The O-RAN is open, but the 5G Cloud RAN should also come. There are basically two reasons for this. One is that Cloud allows for basic flexibility that is not available when using a custom chip. A single chip gives a lot of scale and compression that is not possible with COTS (commercial standby) hardware, ”said Randeep Sekhon, Bharti Airtel’s technical director at ETTelecom 5G Congress 2022.

Malik said Indian telecom operators have been preparing for 5G for... the past few years with their investments in transmission and backhaul networks. Telecommunications companies are developing their landline networks to support 5G traffic. From this point of view, I think from a Danish point of view, service providers have been preparing for 5G for the last few years. And 5G isn’t just 5G radio, to whose spectrum “... if we’re talking about 5G transportation, operators have already started investing to make the tube bigger,” he said, adding that telecom companies have also begun to state their own core networks. Indian telecoms are also preparing to better serve businesses and want to take advantage of private networking opportunities. "... we have been involved with operators in backhaul, IP and optics and cloud computing for the core network" -
Malik said Nokia is currently in talks with all Indian telecom operators to deploy 5G radio.

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