5G reduces emissions

15. 05. 2021 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

Rising energy consumption and CO2 levels are a concern for all of us, and companies are globally committed to reducing their emissions.

Dr. Ajay Gambhir of the Grantham Institute, Rodgrio Arias of the World Economic Forum and Steven Moore of the GSMA believe that 5G will play a major role.

The mobile sector itself contributes 0.4% of global CO2 emissions, but the level of avoidable emissions it allows is ten times that.

Not only is 5G energy efficient as previous mobile networks, but due to its extremely low latency, it also enables intelligent, real-time monitoring solutions for energy consumption that reduce industrial CO2 emissions. In fact, while reducing operating costs, 5G is able to address each of the UN’s 17 sustainability development goals, such as helping to bridge the digital divide.

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