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Nokia G50 5G Photos, Video and Specifications

Nokia Mobile today unexpectedly launched the Nokia G50 5G smartphone, which is an affordable mid-range phone and currently the cheapest 5G device available on the market.

Nokia G50 5G official announcement

Nokia Mobile today launched the Nokia G50 smartphone, which features affordable mid-range hardware. The hardware specifications of the Nokia G50 may seem familiar, as it has the same Snapdragon 480 5G processor as the Nokia X10, Nokia X20 and Nokia XR20, but there are other similarities with the latest Nokia smartphones. The Nokia G50 includes a 48 MP main camera followed by a 5 MP ultra-wide and 2 MP depth sensor.

Nokia Princess Announces New Single "Boys Are From Mars"

I’vealso seen plenty of “Nokia” branded products from the first-ever products released in the Finnish Nokia era, such as toilet paper or tractor tires. For several months now, a beautiful woman has piqued my interest in Twitter social site, which lady Nokia calls herself Princess this is of course the name of the artist and she is the new American rapper.

No Time to Die - Nokia XR20 5G Smartphone

Just 2 hours ago, I shared the excerpt from the latest movie from the latest James Bond movie on the Nokia Mobile community, in which we had previously seen the Nokia 8.3 5G smartphone and replaced it with the recently unveiled Nokia XR20 5G smartphone.

Nokia G10 and Nokia C01 Plus unveiled in India

Nokia Mobile has already launched the Nokia G10 and Nokia C01 Plus in India. The Nokia G10 will arrive in five months and the Nokia C01 Plus in three months after its global debut. Nokia Mobile has partnered with Jio to offset the original costs of both phones with a price support offer and a bunch of other benefits.

Nokia C20 Plus at Discount Prices in India

You can also buy a Nokia C20 Plus smartphone at a discounted price in India for RS 10,499 which if you are a Jio user or get a 10% discount at a price of only RS 8999 in Nokia stores.

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