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Nokia 5.3 is now available for purchase in Brazil

Nokia's flagship Nokia 5.3 smartphone, already available in several South American countries, has already become available in Brazil.

Nokia 8.3 5G from November 9 in the United States

Nokia Mobile has announced that Nokia's first 5G handset, the Nokia 8.3 5G smartphone, will be available in stores from November 9th.

Nokia E3500 will soon be available in European markets

The Nokia E3500 noise canceling headset will soon be available in European markets at an affordable price.

Nokia 8.3 5G for € 589 in Germany

The very well-priced Nokia 8.3 5G smartphone is already available in Germany and several European countries for just € 589.

Nokia E3500 Essential Wireless Headphones from Amazon Netherlands

The Nokia Essential Wireless Headset E3500 is now available pre-ordered by Amazon Netherlands and is now available to Hllland residents for just € 93.77.

Nokia 225 4G, Nokia 215 4G, and Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones coming soon in India

Nokia Mobile has announced that the Nokia 215 4G and 225 4G will also be available in the Indian market from October 2nd. Read on for the latest news on Nokia 215 4G and 225 4G prices and availability.

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