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Nokia has announced the first phase of its new strategy

Nokia has announced the first phase of its new strategy, a change in operating model and a team of team leaders. First, that technology leadership will be the top priority; second, that the company's customer base of current telecom operators and businesses (including web companies) provides a solid foundation for value creation; thirdly, that there is scope for the transition to higher value business models as...

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We can transform the way people live, work and communicate

Our latest report combines the research and analysis of Nokia Bell Labs, the results of the survey, and the observations, analyzes and opinions of 5G experts around the world. Is 5G a new dawn in the industry? Faster, more agile, more powerful and more transformative? Discover Nokia’s industry overview and the road to 5G deployment, identifying the true value that 5G can bring to individual organizations and the global economy in the wake of COVID-19.

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One of the biggest losers of yesterday is Nokia

One of the biggest losers of yesterday was undoubtedly Nokia Finland, whose shares fell nearly 18 percent in stock trading. The main source of investor frustration is that the...

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Our changed reality is 2020

It’s time to get a real picture of the future of communications providers. Are you a communications service provider? If so, on November 10, you can see your future from the most acclaimed future thinkers and technology gurus who are creating real paths. Join Real Talk on November 10, 2020 for an insight.

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White, black or variegated?

What kind of people become hackers and what drives them to attack a network? Believing in the Hollywood stereotype, the average hacker is a bored teenager in a basement looking for imaginative ways to bypass the security of the system - either because of its excitement or to show off. Or maybe revenge turned into...

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