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Fiber for everything - A fiber optic broadband network with many options

Fiber is the fastest, greenest and most widely used broadband technology. And it keeps getting better. Advances in fiber performance mean that fiber broadband can do more than fiber to the home. Fiberglass is everywhere, so everything can be connected to it: homes, businesses, industry 4.0, smart cities and 5G cells. All on the same fiber optic infrastructure.

Nokia tests mission-critical voice and data on 4.9G/LTE private wireless network for NCRTC's phase 1

4.9G/LTE’s ability to support advanced broadband applications makes it the technology of choice to support mission-critical voice signalling. This is a world first application of an LTE network that is being used along with ETCS Level 2 signalling to provide high-speed, high-reliability commuter service. In addition, ETCS Level 2...

Nokia leapfrogs to 3.9 Gbps with its industry leading 5G Carrier Aggregation solutions

As operators worldwide are increasingly adopting 5G Standalone (SA) architecture, achieving competitive 5G SA data rates and maximizing site coverage is crucial. In contrast to 5G in Non-Standalone (NSA) mode, 5G SA cannot resort to 4G-5G dual connectivity for boosting enhanced mobile broadband data rates. To...




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