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Photos leak from four new Nokia devices

Evleaks has leaked and shared on its Twitter account the official looks and photos of four new Nokia smartphones hiding behind the N151DL, N150DL, N1530DL and N152DL, which don’t follow the standard TA numbering scheme. However, the devices do not look like the standard Nokia devices we are used to. Well, at least not the N150DL and N152DL. If you ask me, it seems that these models were designed to be commissioned by some service provider, probably in the United States.

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Nokia N139DL Kaios has received GCF European certification

Nokia's new Kaios low-end push-button phone, codenamed Nokia N139DL, will soon debut in European markets.

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Nokia TA-1399 is certified by the US FCC

Already on the US FCC list, the Nokia TA-1399 is a new Nokia smartphone model that could be unveiled soon after FCC certification. This device may also be known as Nokia N139DL, which has previously been certified in China and India.

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Nokia G50 will be available for pre-order in the Philippines soon

HMD Global, home of Nokia phones, today announced a new member of the G-Series and the cheapest 5G Nokia smartphone to date - the Nokia G50. It offers distinctive Finnish quality for a phone that can go farther and users can love, trust and retain it for longer, all at an affordable price.

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Nokia T20 coming soon in Indonesia

According to the latest testimony, the recently announced Nokia T20 (TA-1392) tablet, which has already been certified by Pt Synnex Metrodata Indonesia, will soon be available in Indonesia. Pt Synnex is an organization issuing similar certification to the Indian BIS or the US FCC.

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Nokia Comfort Earbuds Pro is available from Korea Testing Laboratory

Nokia's latest Nokia Comfort Earbuds Pro (TWS-631W) headset, which has so far been scarce on the market, has already been released on the Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) website, suggesting that it will soon be available in Korean stores.

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