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Nokia G50 5G has been unveiled by Geebench

Following the testimonials that have become visible to you, the Nokia G50 5G may soon be on the market, with its latest and final testimonial at Geebench. The certification shows that the G50 5G smartphone will be equipped with a Snapdragon 480 processor, which also supports the Nokia X10, Nokia X20 and Nokia XR20.

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Nokia G50 5G has been released by Tenaa China

Following several testimonials, the TENAA certification, now in China, has also approved the upcoming Nokia G50 smartphone, which will be China’s first Nokia 5G phone. The phone is expected to be available in Sea Blue and Dawn (Midnight Sun). Now there is no doubt the device will soon debut in the Chinese market and be bought by fans of Nokia products.

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Nokia G50 is a long-awaited market photo

Barely a week ago, you saw a video leaked from the French HMD Global Instagram page that was accidentally or intentionally but too early in which Nokia confirmed that the Nokia G50 has a main camera with a 48-megapixel resolution. According to information from the US, the battery should be generously sized at 4850 mAh. Due to the economical 8-nanometer Snapdragon 480 5G chip and the low screen resolution, a very decent operating time must be ensured.

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Nokia G50 TA-1390 certification in the United States

The Nokia G50, an unannounced smartphone with model number TA-1390, has been certified in the United States, indicating to us that the device will soon be launched by Nokia. The Nokia G50 will be equipped with a 4.85 Ah or 4850 mAh battery.

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Nokia N1374DL 5G smartphone FCC certified

Soon, Nokia Mobile will host a presentation of newer handsets with handsets that you may have read about now and in the past from various leaks. Nokia is working on several more 5G smartphones that are possible in the 5G version of the G50 and have the code N1374DL, which was first detected in the TUV certification and now the FCC certification indicates that it will have 5G support.

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Nokia G50 leaked animation

Few minutes ago, a 4 second mp4 animation leaked from Nokia Mobile Fr Instagram on the unreleased Nokia G50 smartphone. It was expected that in addition to the already leaked data, specifications, a photo or photos would also be leaked, but I admit that I did not expect animation.

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