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Nokia XR20 is already certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance

Following the Russian e-commerce website, it also became visible on the Geenekch and BT SIG listings, suggesting that Nokia will soon launch the handset. Key specifications include a 6.67-inch display, Snapdragon 480 processor, 48MP dual rear camera and 4630mAh battery.

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Nokia XR20 and Nokia 6310 have been released by BT SIG USA

Following many rumors, the BT SIG (USA) has also certified the recently leaked Nokia XR20 with code numbers TA-1362, TA-1368 and TA-1371 and the Nokia 6310 with code number TA-1400, which was released a few days ago. Also in Indian BT SIG certification. As more and more leaked documentation, testimonials about the phones, these smartphones will be launched by Nokia soon.

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Nokia C01 Plus TA-1396 gets BIS approval in India

The Nokia C01 Plus, bearing the TA-1396 model number, has also been featured in the BIS certification in India. The TA-1396 is a dual SIM version of the Nokia C01 Plus in India and is reported to come with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM, codenamed Iris 4G.

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Nokia launches new flagship smartphone in China

Nokia smartphone retailer HMD Global is preparing to launch a new 5G smartphone in the Chinese market before November 11, 2021. This was revealed by Zhang Yucheng, HMD Global Product Manager for Nokia Mobile Phones in the China region, during a conversation with Weibo users.

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Nokia (TA-1400) gets Bluetooth SIG certification in India

The upcoming Nokia TA-1400 is one step closer to launch as the device has now received Bluetooth SIG certification in India. The marketing name of the device is currently unknown, but there are several indications that it may be the Nokia 6310 version 2021.

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Nokia C20 (TA-1352) and Nokia C30 (TA-1359) Certificates from Indonesia TKDN

Over the past few days, you have seen a lot of testimonials from Nokia phones and now you can see leaks from newer devices. The good news in this is that HMD Global is working hard to bring new and newer phones to market.

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