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Nokia is ready to jointly develop 5G private networks with Indian companies

Nokia in Finland has said it is ready to co-develop private networks with Indian companies, even if it continues to sell its technology to telecommunications partners.

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AT&T Mexico 5G Innovation Laboratory is an ally of Nokia

According to a study by Nokia and OMDIA, 5G will be key to improving productivity and digital transformation in Mexico and Latin America, and the network is expected to generate nearly $ 730 billion in impact by 2035.

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Stc turns on 5G 3-component carrier aggregation in the Middle East and Africa

Nokia and MediaTek have announced that for the first time in the Middle East and Africa, they have successfully tested 3 Component Carrier Aggregation (3CC-CA) on a 5G stand-alone (SA) network in Mekkah.

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Nokia demonstrates live D-Band microwave backhaul connection

The proliferation of 5G networks has seen increasing demand for high-capacity, high-speed microwave backhaul to support evolving network requirements and growing traffic.

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The new sanctions will have a significant impact on Russian operations

Nokian Tires said on Monday that new EU sanctions on Russia would put significant hardship on its operations in the country and accelerate investment plans for new European production capacity.

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Microsoft, SES and Nokia demo Azure communications technology for Australian Defense

Microsoft has announced that it has partnered with SES and Nokia to successfully demonstrate secure access to the Azure cloud platform over private 5G and satellite communications networks, while defense organizations continue to respond to new threats and changing strategic circumstances.

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