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Nokia upgrades Guadalajara 5G Lab to test new use cases

Nokia’s Guadalajara Lab began operations in 2017 and develops and executes a wide range of tests for Nokia hardware solutions, such as radio frequency testing for 3G, 4G and 5G networks.

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Nokia locates production in Russia

Nokia could start manufacturing its base stations in Russia. Since 2023, the country has banned the installation of foreign BSs in the networks of Russian service providers, depriving Nokia of access to the Russian market without localizing production.

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Nokia deploys Wi-Fi mesh solution with WorldLink for fastest internet service in Nepal

The number of connected devices on home Wi-Fi networks has increased as people increasingly operate from home for work, online-education, or access services online such as healthcare and retail. Indoor Wi-Fi coverage can be impacted in remote parts of the home or dead zones.

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Nokia, UNICEF and Orange Foundation partner to empower young people in Morocco

The UPSHIFT program will empower young people to become resilient citizens who engage more actively with their families, schools, everyday life and contribute to the economy. It aims to enable them to support and give back to their communities as well as becoming increasingly productive through employment or self-employment.

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Nokia selected by Chubu Telecommunications to conduct 5G Sub-6GHz standalone trial in Japan

The trial will verify how Nokia’s 5G SA network can enable ctc to provide commercial high-speed, high-capacity, low latency Fixed Wireless Access services including Internet, telephone to subscribers without the need for a fiber-optic installation at a customer’s home. This is expected to shorten service delivery times.

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Nokia announces entry into Software-as-a-Service for CSPs with multiple services

Offering SaaS for CSPs is a natural evolution of Everything-as-a-Service, a key element to Nokia’s overall strategy. It reflects a culmination of steps Nokia has taken in recent years to enhance CSP network operations, including rearchitecting its software applications to make them fully cloud-native and deployable in any cloud environment, edge, public or private.

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