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Nokia makes scholarships pledge to improve representation of underrepresented communities in technology

Nokia has announced that it’s partnering with Udacity and the Blacks in Technology (BIT) Foundation to offer 300 scholarships to those from under-represented communities so they can take part in Nanodegree programs that can be completed alongside further studies or full-time work with the aim of diversifying STEM industries.

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Nokia subsidiary has disclosed data breaches following the Conti ransomware attack

Nokia-based Nokia subsidiary SAC Wireless has released a data breach following a ransomware attack where Conti operators were unfortunately able to successfully break into their network, resulting in theft of data and encryption of systems.

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Nokia addresses network security as part of its 5G certification program

The newly launched Nokia Bell Labs 5G Secured Networks course addresses the vulnerabilities faced by all industries, governments and individuals to secure 5G systems. Given that 5G is becoming a key element of emerging mission-critical Industry 4.0 solutions, securing 5G networks has moved to the forefront as an industry imperative, for which comprehensive end-to-end solutions are needed.

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Nokia, Safaricom and UNICEF connect more primary schools to the Internet across Kenya

The connected schools are spread across rural and informal urban settlements in Kenya, serving an estimated 32,670 students. Schools are using Nokia’s FastMile 4G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) broadband solution to provide reliable, high-speed connectivity delivered over Safaricom’s 4G/LTE network. Nokia’s meshed WiFi Beacon technology is used to boost the Internet signal in selected classrooms and computer labs.

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Nokia and Vocus launch 200G optical network in Australia

The deployment between Adelaide to Darwin and Brisbane to Darwin replaces the existing optical transport network to provide 100G and 10G services to Vocus Enterprise, Government and Wholesale customers. The deployment of 2 x 200G based wavelength unregenerated optical transport networks covers 70 sites, over a distance of 3,000 and 4,100 km respectively, and will help Vocus to optimize CapEx and reduce OpEx.

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Nokia deploys private LTE to Western Power Distribution for smart grid trials

WPD’s "LTE Connecting Futures" trial is testing a new LTE network to enable its smart grid. The 4.9G/LTE core, radio and user equipment were supplied by Nokia for WPD’s research at its Test and Development Center in Taunton, UK.

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