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The ASUS ROG Phone 5 has Nokia OZO Audio tech

ASUS now wants to use OZO Audio, Nokia technology in its ROG Phone 5 gaming smartphone series. The ROG Phone 3 series also had an OZO Audio implementation.

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Nokia and Samsung sign patent licensing agreement for video standards

Nokia announced today that it has signed a patent license agreement with Samsung, which covers the use of Nokia’s innovations in video standards.

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Nokia invites innovators to enter the Bell Labs Prize 2021

The top three finalists will receive awards of $100,000 (grand prize), $50,000 (second place) or $25,000 (third place). Following the end of the competition, each finalist will also be considered for opportunities to work within Nokia Bell Labs to accelerate the advancement of their innovation.

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Nokia in 2020

The report is 227 pages long and includes segments such as Pekka Lundmark, Nokia President and CEO, Nokia History, Senior Management Salaries, Number of Employees, Financial Details, Strategy Overview, Nokia 2020 Results, Struggles and plans for the future. But you can also read about IP and optical networks, Nokia software, key industry trends and corporate governance, among others.

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Nokia announces it will halve emissions from 2019 to 2030

Nokia is now adopting more ambitious targets which consider a 1.5°C warming limit, starting with 2019 as the baseline.

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The head of Nokia Lumia Photography joins the Microsoft Surface team

Ari Partinen, guru of Microsoft’s Nokia Lumia Photography, has joined Microsoft’s Surface division to develop new imaging solutions for Surface products such as the Surface Pro and Surface Duo.

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