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Ajey Mehta, global vice president of Nokia Mobiles, is leaving the company

Ajey Mehta announced through social media that after working with the Nokia brand for 16 years, he decided to part ways and find luck in his own startup. Ajey Mehta was the country manager for HMD Global in India, but the latter was responsible for corporate business development.

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Smart collaboration on the Internet of Things

One of the researchers ’current areas of interest is how to control autonomous mobile industrial robots to transport individual products from place to place (or process to process) in a factory, using more traditional methods such as conveyor belts. Going further, researchers intend to use artificial intelligence (AI) to combine and analyze data from the radio network, application software, and various sensors to optimize radio protocols for each use case.

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5G delivers global business growth and productivity

Here is the XXI. century! Prepare yourself too, because the future will accelerate for you too! With the accelerated future, all our days that we owe to 5G will pass. But keep in mind that 6G is already under development! How are we going to live with 6G? Faster, more agile, more powerful and more transformative than any previous generation. Low latency, high reliability, low power consumption, high bandwidth, multi-level security and ubiquitous connectivity make for an extraordinary experience for any industry, business and society.

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Nokia phones lead Counterpoint's reliability ranking

Counterpoint Research has re-published its “Trust Rankings” report for smartphone manufacturers, based on four pillars of up-to-date software, security updates, build quality and tools recommended for businesses.

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We can transform the way people live, work and communicate

Our latest report combines the research and analysis of Nokia Bell Labs, the results of the survey, and the observations, analyzes and opinions of 5G experts around the world.

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Nokia has won the 5G agreement with the Finnish shared network

The deal includes the introduction of 5G RAN equipment and the upgrading of existing 2G, 3G and 4G sites in northern and eastern Finland. The three-year implementation will begin in early 2021 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023. The refurbishment will be driven primarily by the 5G deployment and will allow SYV to secure its infrastructure for next-generation digital services in the future while improving the sites ’current 2G, 3G and 4G capabilities.

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