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A new type of worker - The future of industrial revolutions

Bell Labs Consulting analyzed industries and different jobs in the United States and found that while the digital transformation requires employees to adapt and develop new skills, the end result is a new type of employee. And in many cases, digital transformation and automation results in higher productivity and higher wages.

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Nokia Corporation's partnership with the Nextlink Internet

Nokia can provide up to 100 Mbps downlink and 20 Mbps uplink internet speeds to its customers in rural areas of 11 states. Nextlink Internet is deploying LTE using Nokia AirScale 4G RAN to provide more bandwidth and support for delay-sensitive applications. Companies are currently installing up to 25 new towers per month to support subscriber growth.

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Nokia Ditches data centers for Google Cloud

Nokia has signed a five-year agreement to relocate its IT infrastructure to Alphabet Inc.’s Google Cloud service, another major corporate victory for the U.S. technology company.

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The 5G mission-critical van is on a tour across Canada

With a high-performance, reliable, low-latency wireless connection between the van and Nokia drones, emergency responders can understand in real time what is happening in critical situations. The XO area and Nokia will send the van on a trip to visit 10 locations in Canada and show live 5G demonstrations for public safety, mining, rural broadband and hydropower.

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Nokia is helping Vivacom Bulgaria build its next-generation fiber network

Nokia's solution will enable Vivacom to efficiently grow its fiber network and become the first to appear with 10Gb / s broadband services in Bulgaria. The Nokia solution allows Vivacom to evolve seamlessly using existing assets and incremental investments.

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Europe has lagged behind the US and Asia in deploying 5G-compatible technologies

In the U.S., 45 percent of companies plan to invest in 5G technology within the next year. In Finland, the corresponding figure is 29 percent. However, 11 per cent of Finnish companies say they have already invested in the transition to 5G.

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