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WhatsApp calls on UK government to change bill that would break end-to-end encryption

The UK government is currently considering new legislation that would open the door to forcing tech companies to break end-to-end encryption on private messaging services. The law could empower unelected officials to undermine the privacy of billions of people around the world.

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Andrea Bocelli live 5G 360 degree 8k virtual concert at Nokia Arena

They had a virtual concert experience yesterday in Finland, when the concert of the Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, who performed at the Nokia Arena, was broadcast to Helsinki via Elisa's 5G network. 360-degree cameras and Nokia's millimeter-wave 5G base stations were in use in the arena.

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Ryuichi Sakamoto, creator of Nokia 8800 ringtones, has died

Following the news of Ryuichi Sakamoto's death, a compilation of Nokia 8800 tones that he composed were shared, in addition to his soundtracks, extensive solo and collaborative releases, and his work as one third of the Yellow Magic Orchestra, Sakamoto created a number of mobile phone ringtones and alerts for the Nokia 8800 in 2005.

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Sanjay Malik, vice president of Nokia India, has been appointed president of Fortum India

NEW DELHI: The Finnish Chamber of Commerce in India (FINCHAM) on Monday said it has appointed Sanjay Malik, vice president and head of the Indian market at Finnish telecom equipment maker Nokia, as its new president for the year 2023-2024.

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Finland leads the happiness ranking of the happiest country in the world

According to the World Happiness Report 2023, Finland is officially the happiest country in the world, followed by Denmark and Iceland. A nation of more than 5.5 million inhabitants that cannot be understood without the multinational commitment to internationalization, innovation, education and revolutionizing everything - Nokia. Then an intrusion to discover what the economy of the happiest country in the world is like...

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Generation Z uses dumb phones in the US

Companies like HMD Global, maker of Nokia phones, continue to sell millions of mobile devices similar to those used in the early 2000s worldwide and, of course, in the United States. This includes so-called 'feature phones' - traditional flip or slide phones with additional features such as GPS or hotspot. You may have read earlier that this trend is beginning to rear its "head" in Europe, Africa and some parts of Asia.

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