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Declining Nokia's mobile market

Take a look at this animation, which unfortunately shows very well how Nokia and Motorola’s mobile market share has been overtaken by competing mobile phone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and “other” manufacturers. But why have new competitors like Apple and Samsung overthrown such an overwhelmingly dominant world market leader as Nokia so quickly and forcefully?

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Ed Sheeran explains why he uses a Nokia 3310 phone

Ed Sheeran gave up his smartphone in 2015 and is now the owner of a £ 60 Nokia 3310 phone, an old stillusu push button phone.

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Technological trends that shape networks and connectivity

Read Pekka Lundmark, President and CEO of Nokia’s essay on setting the agenda for 2022, which raises serious questions. How does Pekka see the year 2022 and what we need to do to shape our secure future? How can we reduce the human impact on the planet and how can we limit global warming?

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Jump into the future with six major trends

Communication service providers (CSPs) continue to focus on leveraging the promise of 5G, and I have had more and more conversations with operators and network equipment providers about why and how cloud-based approaches might make sense.

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No one looks you in the eye - The world premiere of Finnish film at the Rotterdam Film Festival

When it comes to filming, I’m sure you wouldn’t think of a cell phone as a means of filming a movie. Nobody Meets Your Eyes was the only Finnish film to get into the Rotterdam Nokia C5 smartphone with which director Jesse Jalonen began filming the film back in 2010.

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The 17 Nokia Academic Training Series is coming soon

The intensive, free training series of the Nokia Academy, led by Nokia specialists, will start in Wrocław, Poland, for the 17th time at the end of January.

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