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Nokia Smart TVs will soon be available for purchase in South Africa

You will soon be able to buy a Nokia Smart TV if you live in South Africa from Ellies Electronics. The South African manufacturer of the products is StreamView, which designs and manufactures official Nokia brand smart TVs in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region.

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HMD Global is planting trees for all Nokia devices purchased from the Romanian series

The newly marketed handset purchased in Romania (Nokia XR20, Nokia X20, Nokia X10, Nokia G50, Nokia G20 and Nokia G10) listed in parentheses can be registered online by users, with which two or five trees will be planted on behalf of the users.

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Smart cities are great but we also need smart villages

Connectivity is not a luxury, it is a fundamental right. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this clearer than ever. Connectivity allowed people to learn, shop, bank, socialize, access healthcare and, in many cases, work from home. For roughly 3.6 billion people around the world, however, all of that was impossible because they lacked even the most basic internet access.

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No Time To Die - But there is time to plan

The latest James Bond movie shows several Nokia phones that I have told you about several times before. Now, following the presentation, No Time To Die has finally held a movie screening and, in addition to real tools, the crew has also used personalized mannequins and prototypes with the help of HMD Global designers, personally designed by Raun Forsyth in record time.

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Everything you would expect from a Nokia phone on a tablet - The Nokia T20

Nokia Mobile today is promoting its first Android Tablet device, the Nokia T20 Tablet, and the device’s hardness. It was expected that Nokia would also announce its Tablet on October 6, along with several smartphones, which I have already covered in more detail.

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Nokia 1100 is the best selling mobile phone

The Nokia 1100 was the best-selling mobile phone that Nokia launched in 2003. The device is a durable Nokia mobile phone with only the most basic features and a 96 × 65 pixel monochrome display. Developing countries are mostly targeted with this model, as well as those who don’t need many of the special features of today’s handsets just to make phone calls.

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