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PUBG New State has completed 40 million pre-registrations

Krafton reveals that pre-registration for the PUBG New State game has reached 40 million. This is a huge number for any developer where the game received such an answer before its release. PUBG New State is a mobile game that has been improved by PUBG Mobile and is a "better version" of the game.

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Three Nokia phones will be seen in the James Bond movie

Nokia Mobile has already officially announced that the toughest Nokia smartphone, the Nokia XR20, will be promoted as 007 Agent Naomi’s smartphone.

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Pekka Lundmark at the Citi Investor Conference

Nokia is ready for the product’s competitiveness to catch the next wave of 5G investment worldwide, Pekka Lundmark said. Speaking at a Citi investor conference on Monday, he named Europe, Latin America, Africa and India as future goals.

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Nokia Windows 11 laptop and Android 11 Smart TV coming soon in India

Previously, Nokia licensed its brand name to HMD Global for phones and tablets, Nokia has also partnered with four other companies to offer consumer products worldwide, including one such company, India’s Flipkart.

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Interview with Miika Mahonen, Chief Designer of Nokia Mobile

On Sunday’s “evening,” read this interview that Nokia Mobile will post on the Nokia official forum with its lead designer, Miika Mahonen. Miika Mahonen is also behind the design of the Nokia XR20 and other Nokia smartphones, such as the Nokia 7.2, Nokia 6.2, Nokia 800 Tough, Nokia G10 and Nokia G20.

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Life saving surgery was performed on a man who swallowed a Nokia 3310

The doctor who performed the surgery was most afraid of the battery exploding in his stomach. The 33-year-old man managed to swallow a Nokia 3310 phone, which was said to be an early 2000s model made by the former Finnish company. In the early 2000s, the Nokia 3310 and 3410 were real popular phones, so the older generation will surely remember them all well.

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