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Nokia Mobile shipped 12.8 million phones in the second quarter of 2021

Take a look again at the latest Counterpoint Research report, which published its smartphone market research for the second quarter of 2021 and kindly provided us with data on how Nokia Mobile performed in the second quarter of 2021.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India 50 million downloads

Battlegrounds Mobile India has recently reached 50 million downloads from the Google Play Store. The game has managed to reach the milestone in less than two months since its release on July 2 in India.

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25 years old Nokia Communicator is the first working pocket computer phone

Nokia has created a completely new product category with the 9000 communicator, the world's first universal voice and data communication tool. On August 15, 1996, the Nokia launched the "9000 Communicator" model that proclaims the "era of smartphones". Or not? The latter is quite contradictory because Nokia 9000 Communicator is considered as an ancestors of the asset class, but there are few common features with today's smartphones. There is still no "smartphone" here.

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Nokia 3210 is the Snake King

The Snake King which is the Nokia 3210 mobile phone which is an old GSM mobile phone announced by Nokia on March 18, 1999. The beginning of a new era was marked by a moder with a design, device design and, above all, a hidden antenna that had never been seen before from Nokia. Snake is Nokia’s world premiere game that everyone loved and competed to collect more apples and beat their opponent.

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Nokia automation services

Nokia's managed services can help service providers reach this maturity by supporting their paths between manual and automated and cognitive operations.

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JSS STU Signs Agreement with Nokia Solutions and Networks India Pvt. Ltd

JSS University of Science and Technology and SJCE Mysuru recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Nokia Solutions and Networks Private Limited, a collaboration that promotes a culture of telecommunications and technology awareness in the student community.

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