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Nokia opens new O-RAN Collaboration and Testing Center in the U.S.

The Nokia O-RAN Collaboration and Testing Center provides a collaborative, open, and impartial working environment to perform tests with the aim of launching O-RAN compliant solutions. The Center provides a venue to collaborate as well as validate different areas such as control, user, management, and synchronization plane compliance with O-RAN Alliance specifications. The short-term focus is on Open Fronthaul and near-real-time RIC expanding to other O-RAN interfaces in the near future.

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Justin Huang is a new board member of HMD Global

HMD Global, or better known as the social networking sites of Nokia Mobile, has re-updated its board member list in the person of Justin Huang. Just a few days ago, he added a new member to HMD Global’s Jari Relander, who has been Nokia’s representative on HMD Global’s board of directors since the company was formed. After all, Nokia has been a strategic partner since its inception and, since last year, an investor in HMD, which owns more than 10% of the shares in the Finnish startup.

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Is luck in favor of the brave in 5G consumer revenue?

The world of consumer 5G services has begun - but with whining rather than a bang. According to Ookla, more than 160 communications service providers (CSPs) have begun to connect consumers to their 5G network. So does that mean the era of increasingly rich AR location-based games and 3D hologram calling has finally arrived?

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Nokia X20 New Promotional Movie In Australia - Don't Let It Down

Nokia Mobile produces a wealth of promotional materials to promote its phones and other devices, all by region. I’ve seen a lot of promotional material on phones already with colognes per rhyme. Now Nokia Mobile has made a new short commercial for the Nokia X20 smartphone unveiled on April 8th, this time in Australia - It won’t let you down by the Promotion.

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HMD Global has achieved the Ecovadis 2021 Gold Sustainability Rating

HMD Global announced yesterday that it is now one of the top 6% of companies in the EcoVadis audit. As a result, global sustainability rating provider EcoVadis awarded HMD Global the 2021 Gold Sustainability Medal.

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The next step in intelligent vehicles

Just as cutting-edge cars are packed with sensors, cameras, and intelligent driving aids on the assembly line, the HUD, once limited to military and civilian aviation, is embarking on personal transportation. However, technology is still in its infancy, and the current crop of automotive HUDs is a relic of the pre-digital driving era, before cars were connected to their environment, other road users, and the Internet.

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