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Nokia Mobile discontinues the Nokia 8.3 5G smartphone?

According to the latest leaked information, Nokia Mobile will discontinue the sale and distribution of its recently launched Nokia 8.3 5G smartphone in several regions. After launching the Nokia X20 5G at a price close to the current price of the Nokia 8.3 5G in markets like the UK and several European countries as well as India, Nokia Mobile plans to discontinue the Nokia 8.3 5G soon.

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View a Nokia Mobile demo event with live streaming links

Check out the Nokia Mobile device demo event via the official live links at the April 8 launch event, where you can see a demo of the latest Nokia phones and their device. The Nokia Mobile launch event will be streamed live on all official social media accounts and the Nokia forum.

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Juho Sarvikas is Vice President and President of Qualcomm North America

Juho Sarvikas announced on March 26 that he would leave the Nokia brand in April, specifically HMD Global (HMD Global was vice president of North America), announced last night (US time) that he would join Qualcomm and he would be April 12. Vice President and President of North America since.

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CBRS leads the world on a vertical spectrum

Mobile technologies, 4.9G / LTE and 5G, have technical capabilities and robustness, but the radio spectrum they use is still licensed and sometimes expensive to access.

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Juho Sarvikas, veteran of Nokia Mobile, is leaving HMD CPO

Nokia Mobile’s 15-year veteran, HMD CPO Juho Sarvikas, has stepped back. In his tweet published yesterday, Juho Sarvikas announced his resignation. Yes, it’s true the news Juho Sarvikas announced on his social media Twitter account that he had been with Nokia and Nokia Mobile (HMD Global) for 15 years, but is now leaving Nokia.

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The future of man in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Essentially, automation is the technology that allows machines to complete missions with minimal human intervention. What requires minimal human intervention requires minimal human resources. That is, minimizing our human resources, laying off workers, can mean in the future. If we use 5G to modernize our manufacturing processes, machines will work instead of people. Modernized machines and factories do the work for the people. How much longer will our work take? Let us consider whether the principle that we can lose our jobs is good.

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