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Launch of the official Nokia Mobile webshop in Australia

Due to the Cobid-19 pandemic, restrictions and quarantines have been introduced in several countries along with exit bans, so webshops can show tremendous sales value as the public can only shop online.

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Lessons from the digital transformation

Digital transformation is the key to managing the coming complexity of 5G networks. The challenge is to know what to tackle first, and how to go about it - while keeping costs and complexity in check. This paper explains how CSPs can avoid common pitfalls and achieve their transformation goals based on lessons Nokia has learned in the field.

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Ericsson and Nokia - Geopolitical Risk Assessment

Read Chetan Woodun’s shared view in Seeking Alpha, a study of the geopolitical risks of Ericsson and Nokia, which is now back on the agenda following the change in the U.S. presidency. There are potential impacts on Ericsson and Nokia, the two main beneficiaries of Huawei’s troubles.

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Nokia concept videos

Check out these videos where I can naturally see Nokia phones. Unfortunately, these phones are only concept devices, but it should be noted that many versions are not available in the design and that is exactly why Nokia will make such devices.

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The now common blind spot is believing others have them, but you don't

Business consultant Dan Rockwell said, "The most common blind spot is if I believe others have it, but you don't." In business, believing that you see everything and therefore the right path will work out is a false convenience. All you have to do is look at the history of Fortune 500; today, only 52 companies remain on the 1955 list. For business leaders, it is business-critical (and personal) to control blind spots, especially during turbulent periods.

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The first Nokia phone was made in 1982

In the summer of 2020, I first came across this video, the creators of which, more specifically the people of Blastertechnology, added as a comment that sharing the video is "permission required." Of course, I asked for permission, but I didn’t get a response to my request. I waited and waited, thinking I would wait any longer but there was no response to my request.

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