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The first private wireless 4G / LTE wireless network in Australia

Computing and the Internet have characterized the third industrial revolution that has profoundly affected service businesses such as financial services and the media.

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In Nokia 2020

As we wait for 2021 and see what happens next, there will be a number of other quality Nokia smartphones that offer simple design and powerful, clean Android software. Each will be a good choice if you want a phone that lasts for a good three years thanks to amazingly frequent software updates.

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FBI investigates whether 5G paranoia played a role in Nashville RV bombings

The New York Post and several U.S. media reports that the FBI is investigating an interested person named Anthony Quinn Warner, who is considered a local technical expert in the city. NBC's Nashville subsidiary reported that 63-year-old Warner was paranoid around 5G and believed 5G signals were spying on Americans.

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Drastic sales of Nokia skittles in the Philippines

The headline doesn’t sound good, it doesn’t give any encouragement to Nokia Mobile and HMD Global. Well, now let’s do a little study on what kind of phone handsets we can buy in the Asian market. The prices will of course be the same, they will be about the same.

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New Nokia product categories in 2021

Nokia has a special place in people's hearts and minds everywhere, whether it's consumers, operators and corporate customers, suppliers, ecosystem partners, employees, friends and family. Nokia has always been a brand that is highly respected and admired by people all over the world. Strong brand awareness is universal, below that, worldwide, in both the network and consumer segments.

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Sexual harassment at Nokia in Budapest

Hungary, Budapest - I would like to draw attention to there is a manager at the NOKIA in Budapest in the department supply chain who is picking up pretty woman after that he abuses ((not only) sexual) them... Write in her comment a lady in her Linkedin account. Unfortunately, Tünde B. does not mention the name of the bully but provides a good enough description of the job position of the alleged bully. Fortunately, Nokia has declared zero tolerance for the harasser and an immediate investigation has been launched to investigate the matter!

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