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Installing an LTE network on the moon

You’ve probably read before that NASA has chosen Nokia to deploy the first LTE network in space to test lunar surface communications for future applications.

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The year 2020 for OZO

Using Nokia OZO, we found some certainty in the technologies that help find community, bridge divisions, and preserve the essence of human interaction remotely. OZO is Nokia's audio technology that has opened a new path for audio recording and playback.

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Nokia Digital Automation Cloud platform on private LTE network

NYPA has selected the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud platform to help build a secure, robust and reliable network for close control of electrical wiring.

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Nokia 5.4 download user guide

The user guide for the mid-range Nokia 5.4 smartphone in India is now available and can be downloaded for you here as well.

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Why is an interconnected industry important?

Read this post in which Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark writes about why an connected industry is important in 2020 during a pandemic. Pekka describes below his own perspective on how working from home has become the norm in everyday life in 2020.

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Nokia Software Technology Consulting

Nokia Technology Consulting has the expertise to help you evolve strategically and realize your DSP vision. Strive to communications service providers (CSPs) are spending more than ever on technology — 5G, automation, artificial intelligence and more — with the goal of becoming true digital service providers (DSPs).

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