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Your residence is being built in Nokia on the site of the old paper factory

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N okia is planning a huge residential area on the former lands of the Nokia company. Most of the land in the area is spoiled. There is a huge campaign going on right now, when up to a few thousand trucks are taking away the soil from the area. At the site of Nokia's former sawmill, in Nokia's headquarters, on the edge of the Nokianvirta river, milling is currently underway. Up to a few thousand truckloads of contaminated soil are dug up and taken away. The soil in the area is heavily polluted in some places and contains, among other things, heavy metals, but after replacing the soil, a luxury residential area will be built in the area, which will include luxury apartments, a sauna, a swimming pool and other amenities.

Nokia, which began as a paper manufacturer in 1865, began producing military radio telephones in the 1960s, and launched its first handheld computer in 1987. In 1865, Fredrik Idestam established a pulp mill in southwestern Finland and began producing paper. Three years later, he opened a second mill near the town of Nokia, and by 1902 the company had moved into electricity production. Shortly after World War I, Nokia was close to bankruptcy, and the nearby Finn Rubber Works, which manufactures calibrating tubes, hoses, and tires, bought the company to ensure power. A few years later, the group bought Finn Cable Works, an exporter of telephone and electrical cables to the Soviet Union, as well as the crucible of Nokia's electronics business. The three companies merged in 1922 and formed a conglomerate.

By the 1960s, Nokia began manufacturing radio telephones for the Finnish military. In 1982, Nokia introduced its first car phone, the Mobira Senator. His first hand-held mobile arrived in 1987 and weighed 0.7 kg. Officially known as Mobira Cityman, he soon became known as "Gorba" after Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev was pictured using one.

By 1992, conglomerates were out of fashion and Nokia decided to focus entirely on mobile phones, gradually selling off its rubber, cable and consumer electronics businesses.

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